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Acyclovir Free Treatment using Zinc Salts
Innovative New Treatment with NO Known Side Effects
Prevents Cold Sores with a Physical Filter

I would highly recommend this product as I have never gone more than 3 to 4 months without having a cold sore.
Terri has been cold sore free for 15 months

Works at ANY stage, prevent an outbreak or use at tingle, itching, burning or blistering!

84% of SoreFix users would recommend SoreFix to friends and family
2015 consumer survey performed by TEVA NL

What is SoreFix?

SoreFix is a revolutionary new lip balm for cold sore sufferers. A discreet, invisible balm, SoreFix has quickly become the most popular cold sore treatment in Holland.
An overdue and welcome alternative to Acyclovir, after research suggests 65% of sufferers are not happy with existing product.
SoreFix lasts 12 months after opening and is available in a 6ml tubes or 10ml jars.

The balm forms a protective layer which blocks healthy cells from infection, so catch it early and skip the suffering.

Why is SoreFix different?

SoreFix works differently from any other cold sore treatments. SoreFix not only treats tingling and cold sore blisters, but also prevents cold sore outbreaks!
Traditional anti-viral treatments only work when the virus has infected the skin cells whereas SoreFix prevents the virus from triggering healthy skin cells.
SoreFix works at an earlier stage than most anti-viral treatments. When there is an outbreak, SoreFix helps to protect healthy skin cells and prevents further spreading of the herpes simplex virus.

SoreFix lip balm:

• Prevents cold sores
• Reduction in severity of cold sore symptoms
• Unique patented formula
• Reduces and relieves cold sore symptoms

A shorter time to full recovery from cold sores

Who is SoreFix cold sore treatment for?

SoreFix is for EVERYONE!

You can use SoreFix if you:

• Feel the first tingle of a cold sore outbreak.
• Suffer a cold sore blister.
• 4+ Years.
• Are able to recognize the triggers that cause a cold sores.
• Are a cold sore sufferer who plans to visit a newborn baby.
• Have an increased risk of a cold sore outbreak; stress, fatigue, sunlight, cold weather, chapped lips, illness.
• Have had several cold sore outbreaks during a year, as they may appear again.
• Regularly do water sport activities such as sailing, surfing, swimming and kiting.

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Often cold sores occur during holidays, both in the winter (cold weather and lower immune system) and summer (intense sunlight), so be well prepared and take the SoreFix lip balm on holiday.

How do I use SoreFix?

To treat:

SoreFix is one of the best home cold sore treatments. Apply the balm 3 to 6 times per day on the affected area or around the lips. Wash your hands before and after the use of the lip balm. Do not put any balm back into the pot or tube if too much has been taken out, this is in order to prevent re-infection.

To prevent:

Almost everybody troubled with a cold sore has learned from experience that the nasty little blisters tend to come when their resistance is low. For example due to stress, fatigue, exposure to sunlight, menstruation, chapped or dry lips or an illness such as the flu or a cold. So, how can you get rid of a cold sore fast?
For a maximum result, apply the balm 3 to 6 times per day and put it on the total surface of the lips. Wash your hands before and after the use of the lip balm. Do not put any balm back into the pot or tube if too much has been taken out, this is in order to prevent re-infection.

How does SoreFix work?

The SoreFix cold sore products are some of the most effective zinc oxide cold sore treatments. They consist of a unique transparent patented lip balm formulation. The lip balms effectiveness is based on the combination of two zinc components.
A physical filter protects the lip from cold sore triggers that cause cold sore outbreaks, such as sunlight, dry/chapped lips, seasonal influences, and injury to the lips.
The zinc salts encapsulates herpes virus infected cells, preventing them from affecting healthy cells. This allows SoreFix lip balm to prevent cold sores.

To prevent a cold sore:

Apply SoreFix cold sore treatment to the entire lips at moments when at high risk of catching a cold sore. In general, people run a higher risk when resistance is low, due to:

• stress,
• fatigue,
• exposure to sunlight,
• extreme cold,
• menstruation,
• rough or dry/cracked lips, and
• disease (like the flu or a cold).

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The best cold sore treatment

When you have a cold sore, SoreFix can be used to treat it and reduce the healing time. Apply the lip balm as soon as possible, as soon as the first cold sore symptoms appear (e.g tingling, pulsing, painful and burning sensation, blisters). Apply the lip balm until the cold sore has disappeared completely up to a maximum of 30 days. See a health care professional if the cold sore hasn’t improved after 2 weeks. SoreFix can be used to reduce the cold sore symptoms and life-cycle at all stages.

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