Privacy Policy


Our privacy obligation
At Zeon Healthcare we know how important the protection of your personal information is. We want our customers to be able to shop safely and reliable, on line or in person. In accordance with that goal we have developed this privacy policy which includes a survey of our guidelines for the gathering and use by Zeon Healthcare of personal information.

Who is Zeon Healthcare?
This policy applies to Zeon Healthcare and all its departments.

Which information is gathered by Zeon Healthcare and how is it used?
At Zeon Healthcare we gather two types of information: personal Information and non-personal information.
With your permission we are allowed to use your personal information for a number of purposes, for instance:

  • to meet requests for information on products, services or information;
  • provision of customer service;
  • management of prize contests and special action
  • offers for new products and services;
  • improvement of the effectiveness of our websites or marketing activities; tailoring our online or in store promotions to your preferences.

We can also gather customer information and summarize it for statistic purposes in a format from which individual data cannot be derived.
Personal information mainly concerns your name, address, telephone number and email-address. You can always decide not to give us personal information.
However if you decide not to, we will possibly not be able to provide you with the products, service or information that you require. Non-personal information cannot be retraced to you personally. For example, your postal code helps us with the planning of our product distribution.

Your implicit permission
In some cases your permission is implicit when we ask for your personal information with a described goal. For instance, we can only deliver the purchased product when you have given us your address and telephone number.

Your explicit permission
In other cases we will ask you to give us your explicit permission for the use of your personal information, in order to advise on products or services which may be of importance to you. You always have the opportunity to “decide not to” let your information be used for this purpose.  For instance when you subscribe to the Zeon Healthcare newsletter, we will also ask your express permission for sending you promotion information.

Withdrawal of your permission
In case you have ‘opted for’ or subscribed to one of our newsletters or mailing lists, we always offer you the possibility to withdraw or end your subscription. For instance, each email we send you contains information on how to give us a notification in case you no longer wish to receive further email.

Example of gathered information
Participation in a prize contest, promotion or poll.
From time to time we can organize prize contests, promotions or polls. When you participate, you may be asked to supply additional optional poll information (for instance product preferences). Information of entries to prize contests is used for contacting you in case you win. We can also summarize the information from polls in such a way that participants of the contest cannot be traced after analysis, but we will not spread personal information of the entries. The regulations applying to each prize contest will be available with each separate prize contest.

Information automatically gathered by Zeon Healthcare
Like many other websites, we automatically gather certain non-personal information on the users of the website, which cannot be traced back to you. Examples are: the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer, the IP-address of your Service Provider, the date and the time of your visit to the website, the internet address of the website from which you were linked to the website, the operating system you are using, the parts of the website you visited, the pages of the website which are read and the pictures which are seen as also the content which you have downloaded from the website. This non-personal information is used for the website and for the improvement of the website.

The website uses ‘cookies’, a technology which installs a small amount of information on the computer that is used by a website user, which enables the website to recognize future visits of that computer. Cookies facilitate and advance the use of the website. The information provided by the cookies is used for instance to recognise you as a former website visitor (so that you do not always have to fill in your data every time), to provide information and personalised webpage content for your usage, to follow your activities on the website, to meet your requirements and facilitate your website experience in any possible way. In case your browser allows, you may choose not to receive cookies, but this may influence your use of the website and the availability of specific website features or transactions you can perform on the website.

Tracking information
We can use non-personal information for the compilation of reports on tracking information relating to the demographics of the website users, traffic patterns on the website and purchases on the website and subsequently provide these reports to advertisers and others. The tracking information in the reports can in no way be linked to the identity or other personal information of individual users.
We can also link the tracking information to personal information which is provided by users of the website on a voluntary basis. As soon as such a link is made, all linked information is treated as personal information which shall be used and revealed only in accordance with this policy.

Links to other websites
Our website can contain links to other websites or internet sources. In case you click on one of these links, you will contact another website or internet source.

Zeon Healthcare does not hold any responsibility, liability or control regarding to those other websites or internet sources, or to their gathering, use or disclosure of your personal information. We wish to advise you to read the privacy policy of those other sites carefully, so that you know how they will gather and use information about you.

Does Zeon Healthcare disclose the information it has gathered?
Zeon Healthcare shall not sell your personal information.
However we can give your information to thirds who act on our behalf, or in case it is permitted or obligated by law.

Disclosure to Service Providers
Future Shop may provide your personal Information to certain service providers for the provision of products or services to you, for the verification or validation of information and for treatment of issues in the area of customer services. Examples of service providers are issuers of credit cards, product service depots, guarantors and delivery services. In order to reduce the risk of fraud or improper use of personal information, Future Shop can verify your personal information also with third service providers, including, but not limited to, your address and credit card information.
We shall practice reasonable efforts to see to it that your personal information is used in a way that is in accordance with this policy. In case you do not wish to disclose your personal information to those service providers, then we might not be able to process your transaction.

Disclosure under the law
Zeon Healthcare can disclose your information in case this is permitted or obligated by law.

How does Future Shop protect my information?
The safety of your personal information is of major importance to Zeon Healthcare. We apply the proper safety measurements and the most recent safety standards for the protection of your personal information, regardless whether it is saved electronically or on paper, against unauthorised entry, disclosure or use. Even though we cannot be hold responsible for theft, abuse, unauthorised disclosure, loss, alteration or destruction of data by a third, we are taking reasonable precautions to prevent such unwanted events.

How can I check my information?
You can request inspection of the information kept by us, how we have used it and to whom we have disclosed it at a specific time, by contacting us on postmaster@Zeon
Depending on certain exceptions prescribed by Law and on the condition that we are able to verify your identity, you will be granted reasonable access to your personal information and you will be entitled to dispute the correctness and completeness of the information and to see to it that it is altered in an appropriate way. You can also request us to change your preferences regarding the way in which we use or disclose your information. You can also notify us when you no longer wish to receive further notifications.

When will my information be removed?
We will store your information only as long as it is needed for the products and services used by you and during a reasonable time after it or in order to meet the requirements imposed by law. We apply storage standards which meet these regulations. We destroy information when it is no longer needed, or we remove your personal identification information.
You can also request us to remove your information from our files.
Depending on our regulations regarding information that will not be stored any longer, for instance for invoice, audit or guarantee purposes, we shall undertake all reasonable efforts in order to meet your request.

Will this safety policy be changed?
In order to allow changes in our service, the technology and legal developments, this policy can be changed at a specific moment. We can add, change or remove parts of this policy in case we regard this as necessary. When we update this policy, then we will add the date, so that it is clear when the actual change has taken place.