SoreFix Lip Balm (Jar) 10ml


SoreFix Lip Balm (Jar) 10ml (short dated)

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Acyclovir-free, zinc based treatment for treating and preventing cold sores. Traditional antiviral treatments only work once the infection is present, whereas SoreFix blocks cold sore triggers with a discreet physical filter.
The HSV virus has no resistance to zinc treatments and there are no known side effects. SoreFix has a long shelf life and comes in a 6ml tube or 10ml jar, therefore it lasts longer and is more cost effective.

Treats cold sores
• Heal cold sores faster
• Reduce severity of symptoms
• Block healthy cells from infection
Prevent cold sores
• Prevent outbreaks with a physical filter
• Protect from triggers – UV filter, SPF 30, Vitamin E
• Moisturises dry & chapped lips

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